International drummer Arnaud Dolmen announced the release of his first album “Tonbé Lévé” for the 6th of October. Focused on a contemporary Jazz aesthetic, this opus is a mix of Caribbean rhythms and more precisely of Gwoka, traditional music from Guadeloupe. On the 13 tracks entirely composed by the guadeloupean prodigy (except for “Sonjé Joj“ track), five renowned international guests brighten up the album: Mario Canonge, Lionel Loueke, Fanm Ki Ka, Erik Pédurand and Cynthia Abraham.

In line with Antonio Sanchèz or Danilo Pérez, Arnaud and his three acolytes let go simple and elaborate melodies with accurate arrangements.

The eminent French jazz pianist, writer and composer Laurent de Wilde is already convinced of the success of Arnaud and makes it clear by saying “not content of being an outstanding drummer, Arnaud Dolmen is an intense and inspired composer. Undoubtedly, people will have to deal now with this inescapable musician”.

Caribbean, family, and hope are the three major themes explored by the jazzman. His music is a call to perseverance. An almost insolent optimism to never let the life’s experiences knock us down. Arnaud Dolmen, the conductor with two chopsticks, delivers this message: The dizziness of life is a strength.

By working with Jacques Schwarz-Bart, Naïssam Jalal, and David Linx, the drummer offers to “Tonbé Lévé” an abstract, unique and representative dimension of our world. His transcendent notes defend not one identity but multiples identities. Thus, testifying of the multicultural mixing with a solid caribbean roots, of which is proud this leader.

Arnaud has been revealed professionally in 2007. “Tonbé Lévé” is an unequivocally consecration “I already had ideas about my desired artistic direction. Several compositions were ready, but in fact I was afraid. Then in 2013, I started to work on myself. I explored outside my comfort zone, and this this album came to life”.

The album was recorded at Studio Les Bruères (France) in November 2015 by Tony Paeleman, mixed by Boris Darley and mastered by Pierre Vandeweater. It is entirely produced by Arnaud Dolmen himself.

The pianist, Leonardo Montana endorses the poet’s position. He colors and dresses music with an exquisite romance. On the saxophone, Adrien Sanchèz is the counter. With a wide and warm sound, he offers a cutting edge and original phrasing. The double bass player, Joachim Govin, is the binder of the quartet. He displays a groove featuring a beautiful and round sound. Finally, the conductor and drummer maintains his aerial and unpredictable play with incisive and revisited jazz and Gwoka rhythms of the Jazz.

For more information about the 13 tracks’s meaning, click here.

“Not content of being an outstanding drummer, Arnaud Dolmen is an intense and inspired composer. Undoubtedly, people will have to deal now with this inescapable musician!”

– Laurent De Wilde

With this album, he jazz drummer Arnaud Dolmen has been named Best New Artist of 2017 for the famous french Jazz Magazine and a jazz artist to look out for in 2018 for Jazzwise Magazine.

The first three concerts of Tonbé Lévé in Paris were sold out (Studio de l’Ermitage & Duc des Lombards). He was one of the headliners of the famous Saint Lucia Jazz Festival in 2018.

In July, the music of Tonbé Lévé had resonated in front of more than 1 000 people during the Festival of Radio France.

Two months later, the young prodigy from Guadeloupe island was invited in London by the French Institute of the United Kingdom to speak about Caribbean culture alongside the emeritus writer Dany Laferrière (to read here).

Tonbé Lévé’s video EPK



  • Jan. 12 at Zinc Bar + guest Maria Grand (sax) – NYC (Winter Jazzfest / French Quarter Jazz NYC)
  • Jan. 14 at Smalls Jazz Club – NYC (French Quarter Jazz NYC)
  • Jan. 20 at Caf’Muz, Colombes
  • March 16 Mars at Souillac en Jazz – Souillac
  • March 22 at Tonnerre de Jazz – Billère
  • March 26 Mars at l’Institut Musical de Formation Professionnelle – Salon-de-Provence
  • April 13 at Le Prisme, Elancourt
  • May 17 Mai at Caveau Jazz – Palaiseau
  • July 7 at Jazz à Vienne – Vienne
  • August 13 at Jazz in Marciac – Marciac
  • Septembrer 5 at Jazz à la Villette – Paris
  • October 26 à Anmoggar N’Jazz – Agadir
  • December 5 at Jeudis du Jazz – Cannes
  • And more dates coming soon


  • Jan. 22 at Duc Des Lombards (2 sets) – Paris – COMPLET
  • May 8 Mai at Saint Lucia Jazz Festival (Sandal Grande) – Saint-Lucie
  • July 18 at Festival de Millau – Millau
  • July 19 at Festival de Junas – Junas
  • July 20 at Festival de Radio France Montpellier – Montpellier
  • Sep. 24 at l’Institut Français du Royaume-Uni – Londres (UK)
  • Oct. 5 at Festival Les Francophonies en Limousin – Limoges
  • Oct. 16 at Festival Jazz sur Seine – Paris
  • Nov. 27 at Jazz à Eaubonne – Eaubonne


  • Nov. 2 at Studio de l’Ermitage, Paris – SOLD OUT
  • Nov. 30 November at Martinique Jazz Festival, Martinique
  • Dec. 11 at Salle Pleyel, TSF jazz’s evening “You & the night & the music”, Paris
  • Dec. 16 at Centre Culturel de Sonis, Guadeloupe – SOLD OUT


Tirelessly, Arnaud has been looking for a balance between an open modern jazz sound and the traditional music of Guadeloupe. In February 2015, he invited, at the monthly jam session which he hosts at Bab-Ilo Jazz Club, Adrien Sanchèz (saxophone), Léonardo Montana (piano) and Joachim Govin (double bass).

After the first few notes, the magic operated. This stamped the beginning of the Arnaud Dolmen quartet.

October 2015 saw the quartet’s first performance at the Disquaires Jazz Club shortly followed by two shows at the Bab-Ilo Jazz Club.

These shows were a huge success that rewarded the young guadeloupean hard work which enabled perfect the genuine play of the quartet.



  • October 20, Les Disquaires Jazz Club, Paris
  • November 5, Bab-Ilo Jazz Club, Paris
  • November 6, Bab-Ilo Jazz Club, Paris



  • January 22, Saint Sat’ Jazz Festival, Saint Saturnin
  • May 25, Sunside Jazz Club, Paris
  • August 14, Biguine Jazz Festival, Martinique
  • October 16, Caf Muz, Colombes

Léonardo Montana


Born in Brazil, Leonardo has been raised between Bahia (Brazil) and Guadeloupe (French West Indies), where he started learning music and piano by himself.

He began performing in 1995. From 2004 to 2008, he studied at the National Conservatory of Music of Paris. Meanwhile, he joined Anne Paceo and Joan Eche Puig for the Triphase trio. Which have led them to two albums, hundreds of concerts in clubs and festivals and a « Jazz Victory » award in 2011.

For playing with a wide range of different musicians and musical aesthetics, Leonardo tries to never fall into a well-defined music style. We could hear him on stage or on disc with Dave Liebman, Michael Philip Mossman, Georgi Kornazov Bill Mchenry, Frederic Borey, Irving Acao quartet, Alexandra Grimal, Jean Benoit Culot, Mokhtar Samba Group, Michael Cheret Quartet etc.

His love for the voice also leads him to work with many singers like Omara Portuondo, Maria de Medeiros, Kavita Shah, Meta, Fredrika Stahl, Char- lotte Wassy, Sofia Ribeiro, Chloe Cailleton, Viviane de Farias, Marcia Maria, Catia Werneck, Agathe Iracema, Maria de Medeiros.


Joachim Govin

Bass Player

Joachim started studying bass by a classical teaching then, he entered the National Conservatory of Music in Paris at the jazz and improvised music department.

As a famous bass player on the French jazz stage, he has played with Tony Tixier, Didier Lockwood, Enrico Pieranuzi, the Paris Jazz Big Band, Pierre De Bethmann but also with international artists as Ari Hoening Gilad Hekselman, Kendrick Scott, Logan Richardson…

Joachim has recorded many albums and some have been rewarded such as: “Some- day My Prince Will Come” by Thomas Enhco “Phonotype” of slugged / Olivier Laisney…

In 2015, he began a solo career by releasing its first album “Elements” and turns with a pianist gifted A Bu…


Adrien Sanchèz


Adrien started music at the age of 5 by piano then flute. He discovered jazz through a workshop and a big band for young people, run by his piano teacher. From flute to alto saxophone, he enrolled in the jazz class of the Toulouse Conservatory aged 18 before studying two years at the Conservatory of Montpellier.

After a semester at the “Berklee College of Music” in Boston, he joined the Paris Conservatory in 2008. In 2009, he won an international jazz competition in Hungary and he won the Selmer before playing in the Jazz National Orchestra, in 2010.

Since his graduation in 2012 from the National Conservatory of Music, he participated in various projects and albums of french and international artists such as Pierre de Bethmann, Chris Cheek, the Moutin brothers the Enhco ….

In 2014, Adrien released the FlashPig quartet’s album with his twin brother, Maxime Sanchez (piano). They rewarded “Revelation Jazzmag / JazzMan”, “Discovery JazzNews” and “Citizen Jazz” prices.

"An original and sparkling music"

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